Windhunter broads the range of its services

From 2016 the services related with installation and decommissioning of the iSpin systems provided by ROMO Wind have been included to the offer.

ROMO Wind’s iSpin technology measures the wind at the spinner in front of the wind turbine rotor, where the wind conditions are more stable and predictable. In front of the wind turbine the wind measurement is only affected by the shape of the spinner and a slowdown of the wind speed by the rotor (induction effect) compared to the free wind speed measured by a wind met mast in two to four rotor diameter distance. Both of which can easily be corrected for. The iSpin technology has been verified by several independent parties, including the inventor of the technology, DTU Wind Energy in Denmark, Vattenfall, EDPR and by the wind industry’s highest acknowledged, independent certification authority: DNV-GL. ROMO Wind has established that static yaw misalignments occur in more than half of wind turbines being investigated and that correction provides significant more annual energy production. However, even after a yaw misalignment has been corrected, permanent monitoring with iSpin is very important because such problems frequently re-appear, e.g. after maintenance and service activities. The iSpin service uses the capability of the advanced ROMO Wind iSpin technology to collect data of key importance for general wind turbine performance monitoring.